Friday, February 15, 2008

congress, get back to doing your real job!

Why the Hell is our government wasting its time (and our money) grilling athletes about drug use? Aside from the fact that the drug in question only harms the doer, why should congress (small case "c" since they deserve no respect here) care? Shouldn’t it be left up to the sport in question to police its own players?

Could it possibly be that congress is trying to divert our attention from the fact that its "players" are failing to perform their real job, i.e. running our government in a fiscally responsible, rational, and efficient manner?

I could care less whether a baseball player is on steroids, smoking dope, or getting drunk and chasing women all night (whoops, that last one might define some of our so-called leaders better than our sports figures).

Congress: take care of business - balance a budget, fund programs to solve the energy crisis, protect our environment, pass fair and just laws to keep our citizens safe, happy and healthy - and keep your nose out of places it does not belong!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

racists, sexists and bigots

Racism is just not acceptable in any form. There is absolutely no rationale for discriminating against a person because their skin is a different color (or shade) than yours. You are no better (or worse) than anyone else based on skin tone. You have to look deeper to know who is trash, who is treasure and who is just an ordinary schmuck like me.

The same goes for gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

If you want to slam someone, find the fanatics out there whose mindset makes them better than everyone else. You know who I am talking about: Chauvinists, misogynists, perverts, pedofiles (don’t get me started there), political fanatics (right or left), and anyone who thinks that their religion gives them the right to kill, enslave, degrade, or demean anyone whose beliefs are different.

We are all guilty to some degree of discriminatory acts. I routinely slam persons who fit into the categories above. I just do not like nazis (and other white supremacists), the Taliban, Stalinists, inter-city gangs, rap or other music which advocates violence or sexism, druggies, criminals, bullies, etc. etc. etc.

So call me a hypocrite. Aspire to be better.