Saturday, March 15, 2008

the castle

The castle is waiting for me;
Its spires touch the sky,
and my soul,
in ways I cannot say -
it waits.

The castle is calling me;
Its voice real to my ear,
though no one near
claims to hear -
it calls.

The castle is listening to me;
I know it listens,
though it never answers -
it haunts me
and taunts me.

The castle is reaching for me;
It has no arms or hands,
it is not living,
or breathing -
it just is.

The castle is waiting for me;
Its spires pierce me,
and my blood flows,
from the hole
in my heart.

©2008 Bobby Barnhart

this old tree

The gnarled branches of this old tree
Reach out to touch and encircle me
Like fingers of steel they grasp and tear
And asunder my soul without thought or care

The face in the scrabbled skin of this old tree
Stares straight ahead and looks right through me
For of importance not is insignificant ken
When matters of world course and spin

Yet in the deepest reaches of this old tree
There is hope abundant in spite of me
For eons its roots have scrambled and sought
For the elusive phantom of purest draught.

And though I raise my axe to this old tree
It fears not and laughs soundly at me
Since my puny tool no threat does make
To the timeless path this old tree must take.

©2008 Bobby Barnhart

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

a perfect document

The most perfect document written in humankind’s long history is the Constitution of the United States. Sure it has its flaws, mostly concomitant with the times (e.g. slavery and women’s rights), but it allowed for such in its built in provisions for change and growth. And through the decades and centuries since it was written, it has grown and matured (through amendments and decisions of the Supreme Court [a creation of the Constitution]) and yet remains a work in progress.

The genius of the original authors is under appreciated. Morris, Mason, Madison, Dickinson, Franklin, et al. [along with the influences of Jefferson, John Adams, and Thomas Paine (which three, while not involved in the actual drafting of the Constitution, are generally considered to have been greatly influential in the ideas set forth at the convention)] put together this formidable document which has endured and flourished since its original drafting in 1787.

At this time, when we are witnessing a particularly divisive presidential campaign, keep in mind that regardless of who is elected, our country will survive just fine as long as we leave the Constitution alone. Be especially suspicious of any politicians who talk about redrafting the Constitution or calling for a new constitutional convention - they are not your friends!

Just my opinion, for what it’s worth.....