Saturday, December 29, 2007

other drivers (definitely not me!)

I just love drivers to whom Red means STOP, Green means GO, and Yellow means GO FASTER.

I just love drivers who set at the light after it has turned Green thus depriving some of the drivers behind him/her of making it through the intersection before the light changes.

I just love drivers who are so absorbed by their cell phone conversations that they are oblivious to the other traffic around them. (Let's not even think about the morons who enter and receive text messages while driving)

I just love the healthy jerks (mental defects excepted) who park in handicapped spots depriving those who really need them of their use (being a jerk is NOT a handicap!).

I just love drivers who light up with kids in the car (especially when all windows are rolled up). Hey, poison yourself (no great loss) but give your kids the opportunity to make their own mistakes.

I just love drivers who tailgate (especially when you are actually going in excess of the posted speed). These are the times I wish I were driving an old clunker so I could slam on the brakes.

I just love left hand turners who straddle the lanes so that those turning right have to wait for them to make their turn.

I just love drivers who so love their music that they decide to share it with everyone around them by turning the volume so high it vibrates all surrounding vehicles.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Human rights means squat in Massachusetts!

Did you know that in Massachusetts it is legal to punish students in group homes through the use of shocks delivered through electrodes attached to their skin? The government and courts of Massachusetts have long been aware of the use of this barabaric practice but have permitted it to continue. Doesn't say a whole lot for human rights in Massachusetts does it?

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

who I like

I like smart people - not necessarily qualified by education: some of the smartest people I know never went past high school; some of the biggest morons I have met have post graduate degrees.

Also note that I cannot tolerate mean spirited people, bigots, racists, bullies, or anyone who is into abusive behavior (physical or emotional).

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

liberals & conservatives

If you label yourself liberal or conservative you imply that you have closed off other avenues of thoughts and ideas. In business, I find it very convenient to interact with people who so label themselves as I generally know just how they think and I am able to manipulate the situation to best fit my interests. In personal interactions, I more often then not will assume the opposite position and see to just what extreme of ludicrous argument I can steer them.

I much prefer to think freely, analyze each situation or data set, and draw whatever conclusions seem most appropriate under the circumstances. Sometimes my conclusions, ideas, thoughts, opinions fit the liberal persuasion, sometimes conservative, but more often than not they fall into some area of gray between the two.

Free thinking is not taught in our schools and is discouraged in the media and employment situations generally. Some of the best free thinkers often become artists, song writers, and poets; they are often on the fringes of society and looked at askance by the middling hoard as different, weird, nerdy, etc., and shunned (perhaps because the middling hoard is jealous and envious of people who can think for themselves).