Friday, May 24, 2013

Something died

In the market yesterday I saw her
Looking at bread, reading ingredients
As she always used to do when with me;
And I just watched and said nothing at all.

And something died...

I just sort of trailed her around the store
Keeping my distance, afraid to approach
Because I never wanted to leave her.
I just packed up one day and I was gone

And something died...

When she came home from work that winter's eve
It was to an empty, cold, lonely house
Knowing her as I did, I'm sure she cried.
But I had to go cause I was poison.

And something died...

Don't think I left cause it was best for her,
Though I'm sure she's better off without me,
I was feeling boxed in and overwhelmed
And I needed to breathe free without her

And something died...

The sense of relief was immediate
Upon getting in my car and leaving
And for the next few weeks I was happy
Til I realized she was gone forever

And something died...

I won't go back to that market again
Because I might once more encounter her
And the next time I might approach her;
But I burned that bridge a long time ago

Something is dead.

1 comment:

Lisa Marcello Grant said...

Wow, Bobby. That brought me to tears...thank you for sharing.